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GT Force Carbon 2021 
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The Shred Viking Smashing Everything in His Path | Brage Vestavik, Unleashed | GT Force Carbon 2021
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GT Bicycles launched their brand new GT Force Carbon 2021 the summer of 2021. We spent a week in Trysil Bike Arena, Norway to get some bangers in the bag. 


GT Lansering_BRAGE_FULLSIZE-128_edited.jpg

"Brage Vestavik and Blur Media came together like Voltron to push the limit of all-new GT Force Carbon. Massive hits, creative lines, and a style only Brage and Blur can deliver. Sit back and settle in, you’re gonna want to put this one on repeat!"

- GT Bicycles

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GT Lansering_BRAGE_FULLSIZE-59_edited.jpg
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