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Your vision. Our passion 

Established in 2012, we go back many years with varied and exciting productions with great passion for the line of work. We have all three been involved in film and extreme sports since we were young, which naturally led to the interest in making movies and ads in extreme sports. Productions like this have thought us to work efficient and flexible, yet achieve high production value. 
Ever since its conception, BLUR MEDIA has had a vision of creating content that appeals to a broad audience, which is really essential when trying to reach out in the world of social media. When purchasing our services the client can choose a complete package or just hire us for one part of the process.

Our dedicated team

Axel Rødningen

B.A. Cinematography

Co-Founder | Producer

+47 938 24 891

Herman Wilhelm Bøgeberg
B.A. Cinematography

Co-Founder | Producer | Editor

+47 481 91 975

Oscar Emil Kalsnes

M.S. Logistics & Economics

Co-Founder | CEO

+47 922 20 043