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real mtb 2021

Brage Vestavik: REAL MTB 2021 | World of X Games
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- Pinkbike MTB Awards 2021
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X Games Real MTB 2021

X Games RealMTB 2021: 

Welcome to Real Mountain Bike 2021, the all mountain bike video competition. This is a two part contest: judged and fan-decided. The fan vote is a one round, winner-takes-all battle to the finish. Watch the videos below and register your picks to win. Fan voting ends on Sunday night, April 25 and winner will be announced on Monday, April 26. Winners of the judge-awarded X Games gold, silver and bronze medals will be announced at the conclusion of the hour-long, behind-the-scenes "World of X Games: Real MTB 2021" show that airs on ABC on April 24.


When we suddenly received an invitation to the inaugural X Games Real MTB in September last year, we couldn’t believe it. We felt honoured to be able to represent mountain biking in X Games together with the biggest names in the sport. We didn’t really know what the expectations were, so we just went deep into the forest doing what we love - digging, riding and filming. We have always been influenced by old school mountain bike movies like the New World Disorder series, but wanted to maintain our “signature style” which we have developed together through various edits in the last couple of years.


- Blur Media


One of the heaviest but best periods of my life. I wouldn’t have change a thing. Being out in the woods from morning till 2 in the night everyday, it felt like living in the woods at some point, you just fall in love with the deep. It has pushed me further and I couldn’t be more stoked on what to come. I cant thank everyone involved enough, we did this together.


- Brage Vestavik


90 seconds not enough? 

Watch our extended edit to see what actually went down