"EXFIL" is a short, zero budget, visual film we shot this autumn out of pure fun. Featuring HHK, Hestehovkompaniet

Produced by: BLUR MEDIA /

Sound design by: Morten Kristoffersen

PA: Ole Jørgen Troøyen
Thanks to: Martin Lobben Larsen

Shot in 4K with Sony FS700 with Odessey 7Q+ recorder


End of Negotiation

We made a short visual with HHK (Hestehovkompaniet)
There's no story to it, just a visual concept we have wanted to shoot for a long time.


Blur Media



Capital forest

"Capital Forest" is a MTB-movie portraying the beautiful forest surrounding Norway's capital, Oslo.

Rider: Håkon Pettersen
Sound designer: Karoline Wendelborg
Produced by Blur Media


The Pit

"The Pit" is a mtb-edit we shot last year with Andreas Vold. We wanted the film to be more of a visual experience than a standard edit.

Music: PADAWAN - We Follow



Dedication is a film we made with Ola Selsjord. It was filmed across local skate parks surrounding Oslo.

December 2, 2014


Produced by Blur Media